Community Testimonials

"As a retired educator of 41 years...32 as principal in Indian River County, I am proud to endorse Dr. Jones as a candidate for the Indian River County School Board. Dr. Jones has the intelligence and educational background to bring positive changes to the parents, teachers and students of our county. She will MOTIVATE, MEDIATE and UNIFY making her a dynamic choice for our community."
-Barry Sesack, Retired Principal

"Best Principal I’ve ever worked with. Amazing person! Caring and compassionate, but always fair and equitable, she never hesitated to get into the thick of things and do the hard work needed while always leading with integrity. I will support and recommend Doc for our teachers, our students our own children, and our school district. I’m so excited that she is running for School Board!"
-Concetta Hall, Teacher

"Dr. Jones has my vote and I highly recommend everyone voting for her. I am so happy to see someone with so much integrity run for this position. She has so much love for our community and I know she will do a great job. Dr. Jones was a wonderful principal at Sebastian River High School and she cared for her students and staff as family. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time for our town. I am so thankful."
-Sandy Morgan, Teacher

"I have UTMOST RESPECT for Peggy Jones!! She was a GREAT Principal at Sebastian River High School, where my Children graduated! Her high standards for education will be a great asset for Our school board. NO DOUBT, PEGGY JONES IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!" -Cindy Campione, Parent

I met Dr. “Doc” Peggy Jones while I was still a Biology Education student at Florida Tech in Melbourne. I knew I wanted to work for her then so when I graduated and saw she had a Science opening at Sebastian River High School (SRHS), I applied. I distinctly remember how warm, kind, and still very professional she was during my interview so I wasn’t nervous.

Doc made every teacher feel valuable and part of the team at SRHS. She completed the observations and evaluations of first year teachers personally and made sure we had access to the best teacher coach and training in the district. She recognized and awarded teachers throughout the year, including bestowing me as co-Rookie of the year!

As my first year was in 2008-2009, during the recession and Doc’s last year before retiring as principal, she did everything she could to set me up for future success. She surveyed her teacher and student landscape and recommended I add Physics to my certification to be able to teach a new class the next year and have job security as the only Physics certified teacher at the school. I took her advice and it has been my saving grace each contract year and in my two school changes since! I’m currently the Physics teacher for Brevard Virtual School and so have any student in the district wanting to take that course through the county.

I’m so thankful for the time and energy Doc invested in me before, during, and after working for her. She still checks in on me about both my career and my family. I know she will do a wonderful job advocating for and supporting the students and families, teachers, administration, and support staff all throughout Indian River County as a school board member!

Cassie Gonyer, Teacher

"Our kids deserve the best and now they will finally have the opportunity to have it! Thank you for your continued support of our most vulnerable age-bracket."
-Amanda Lowery Mace, Former Student

"You definitely have my vote. You were the best principal ever."
-Kendra Shatae, Former Student

"Peggy Jones demonstrates energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic intellectual clarity. She possesses an integral understanding of human thriving and the importance of creative advancements in education, an understanding she acquired through many years of educational experience. She is astutely aware of the challenges young people face, the opportunities they require for a lifetime of success, and the practical and appropriate educational applications that a community must be willing to implement to assure successful outcomes for all students."
-Michelle Willis, Retired Teacher and Administrator

"Doc has been the best administrator I’ve had in 26 years of education."
-Xiomara Melchor DeLuke, Teacher

During my time as a student-athlete at Sebastian River High School, “Doc” was my principal and I always felt supported in the classroom and as an athlete under her leadership. Her role in education and athletics have been essential to the support and growth of many students success. Following my years in high school, I achieved my dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player, which can be contributed to the support of many great people including Dr. Jones. Following my career in baseball, I chose to pursue a career in education and immediately reached out to Doc as a mentor. She welcomed the opportunity to meet and provided me with many essential tools to begin and build the foundation of my teaching career. I cannot say enough about the person Doc is and the continued support and influence she has given to past and present students. Can’t think of a better person to stand behind when it comes to the future of our students!

Bryan Augustein, Former Student and Teacher

"Peggy Jones was my principal where I taught at Gifford Middle. I can't possibly even say near enough good things about this wonderful, sincere, fair, professional woman! We called her the " Energizer bunny" because she never stopped running around working, smiling, and caring! She was, and is still my idol!"
-Joan Burk Johnson, Retired Teacher

"Indian River County should not ignore the gift it has the potential to receive by having Dr. Jones decide to lend her time, experience, and expertise to the future of our children's education by running for school board. Always the ultimate professional and advocate for the students that were under her umbrella of responsibility as a former educator and administrator, the addition of Peggy Jones is a must for all the families in our county. Never have I been more excited about any political office election. In a time when "the lessor of two evils" seems to be the decades long theme of elections in this country, finally we have the shining star that we should RUN to the polls to ensure her participation within our system."
-Andrew Segal

"I worked for Dr. Jones when I first came to IRC. I love her "get it done and get it done right" spirit. She makes what is best for students and teachers a priority!"
-Elizabeth Pinkey

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” This is a quote that describes Peggy Jones. In the 11 years I worked with Peggy, I came to know a true leader in every sense of the word. As the Principal of Sebastian River High School, she understood and managed well the students, teachers, parents, and staff. She showed respect for each person on campus and expected the same in return. She valued each person and her pride in her school was evident to all. The staff knew she supported them and the students knew she cared about them. She was the leader that everyone wanted to follow. She worked with a budget that required expertise in finances and skillfully made every dollar count. The budget was always balanced but still provided for all the needs of the school. She made every effort to provide training for teachers in order to maintain the best equipped and most knowledgeable staff possible. She has been involved in every area of education. There is no one more qualified to be a member of our school board.

Karen Barber