Peggy Jones Grand Marshall

Platforms and Key Issues

Keep the Focus on Students and Academics

To do this, we must make sure our teachers, support staff, and administrators have what they need to make sure we are reaching all students. Curriculum support, coaching, and using our data are key areas. Along with these components, we must keep in communication with our parents and guardians, so they are aware of any concerns. To be successful, we must combine the science of teaching; knowing your content, and the art of teaching; which is developing relationships. They are both crucial in retaining our A grade and Graduation rate of 96 percent. In order for our students to be successful, they must be in a safe learning environment. Continued monitoring of our student and school safety plans will be a priority.

Recruit and Retain Teachers

The state of Florida still has thousands of permanent subs teaching in our public schools now. We are doing a little better than the year before, but we need to make sure our teachers are in place by the first day of school. College students are not going into the field of education. In 1970, 33 percent of all graduates were in education, now it is less than 9 percent. We must fight hard for teachers and then make sure they are supported in their field. If we do not have competent teachers, our students will suffer. We need to be initiative-taking in this area.

Support Public Schools

We are in a competitive state in education, and we are ready for that competition here in Indian River County. Public Schools accept all students, and we also give them choice within our school system. With the voucher system, parents can now apply for a voucher if they are home schooling or sending their children to a private or parochial school. All money that comes to our public school system is accountable to our taxpayers. Our operating, capital, and internal accounts are always open for inspection.